Growing the Tech Businesses of Tomorrow


Growing the Tech Businesses of Tomorrow


Investor relations is of utmost importance to every startup, and at NOTWICS, we use our strong ties to the leading players in the private and public technology community to provide our clients with all the knowledge, strategic consulting advice, and feedback they need to target top-of-the-range investors.

Chris has over 25 years of experience working with Investor Relations professionals at leading public and private tech companies. By focusing his IR and consultancy expertise on scale-up companies and VCs, he helps our clients find investors and startups that meet their needs.

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NOTWICS facilitates introductions between startups, investors, and the big players in the tech industry. We maintain an extensive network of VCs, angel investors, and strategic partners. Community building is one of our foremost objectives, and as a result, our community grows stronger, constantly thriving due to the collaborative effort of all parties involved.

In addition to getting introduced to an array of prospective investors and smart opportunities, startup founders and investors also stand to benefit from the expertise and experience available in the NOTWICS community.

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Content &
Brand Building

Content creation and brand building are some of our strongest points. We will profile your brand, provide great content, and help you reach leading tech investors and practitioners. Over the years, Chris has written countless briefs and blog posts for recognized technology companies, and he brings his personal touch to brands that work with us at NOTWICS.

Using NOTWICS’ far-reaching influence in the technology community, we can help your brand become a household name and gain traction with the right audience in the tech space.

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EIR - Executive
in Residence

Being a great Executive in Residence requires having a listening ear, being readily available to counsel our clients, and leveraging our network to create solutions for them. At NOTWICS, we offer all of these and more.

Chris has been faced with many challenges during the course of his 25+ years in the technology and financial services industries, and when he works in-house with founders and investors alike, he offers insightful perspective and proffers unique solutions to the problems they face on a day-to-day basis.

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Happy Partners

NOTWICS was established in February 2017 and since then, we have worked with many scale-up companies and venture capital funds. Chris has worked with five advisory companies through effective Investor Relations, helping them grow towards significant seed or pre-series A rounds. Demand and execution for project based clients, typically introductions or brand building, has also grown. Chris also regularly introduces a number of clients to the NOTWICS community.

In 2018 alone, Chris has worked as an in-house advisor to 6 scale-ups and 2 VCs. Furthermore, in the course of a year, over 150 early stage founders have been supported via NOTWICS’ events and newsletters.

Within just 6 weeks of presenting at NOTWICS 16, SafeToNet raised over £500k from 15 investors. It was a game-changing moment for our Company. We cannot recommend NOTWICS more highly.

Richard Pursey SafeToNet

Mornings are so much better once I’ve read NOTWICS, tech round up and entertaining “thought for the day”. Chris’s indomitable support for young companies is unparalleled.

Martina King Featurespace

Chris has helped open the doors of many leading, established VC’s & High Net Worth in London & Scandinavia, who invest in FINTECH or CREDIT. He also networked us strongly into the LONDON FINTECH scene very effectively enabling us to meet & get close to LENDINVEST, REVOLUT & others.

Per Elvebakk JAJA Finance

Working with Chris at NOTWICS has been a thoroughly rewarding experience. Chris is one of the best connected people in the start-up/scale-up scene. Having him in your corner makes a real difference.

Alasdair Pettigrew BOXARR

Chris is kind of a big deal. He’s too humble to say that, but it’s true. I’ve enjoyed working alongside him since day 1 and he’s quickly become an invaluable member of the team. Worth his weight in term sheets.

Prask Sutton Wi-5

We have enjoyed working with Chris and the team at NOTWICS very much. He’s a great guy, bags of energy, relentless work ethic, and comes highly recommended. NOTWICS does exactly what it says on the tin – thank you for the positive impact you have had on our business.

Richard Teideman BCD Offshore

NOTWICS 24 – Great to see you and indeed a fun night. Did I mention that your start-up events are very different from all the others which are only full of men of average age over 60?

An angel investor attending the NOTWICS pitch event in London
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The NOTWICS community is home to thousands of influential tech followers and many more who engage with us regularly via our Morning Newsletters and during our highly-impactful quarterly events. To get involved and be a part of our burgeoning community, complete our application form using one of the buttons below.

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Upcoming Events (Where you can meet Chris)

We are skilled at organizing successful and impactful events. NOTWICS has headlined thematic seminars, technology field trips, and various other events. At all our events, the brands that work with us, be it a scale-up company or an investment fund, enjoy ample publicity and positive brand exposure.