Growing the Tech Businesses of Tomorrow


Growing the Tech Businesses of Tomorrow


NOTWICS are positioned to help advise your company on investor relations and growth strategy. Having successfully worked as an independent consultancy alongside many companies for more than three years, we remain focused on helping Founder’s achieve their funding round ambitions, anywhere between a Seed Round to a Series A.

Our aim is to add the very best investors (Angels, VC’s, F/O and Institutional) to your Cap Table. To do this, we strive to work hard to establish successful targets, supplemented by the right financial & valuation advice.

With a highly experienced and dedicated team, we execute effective, value-for-money advisory campaigns that meet each founder’s evolving needs.

So where can you meet our investor network?


At NOTWICS, we seek to cement our position as market leaders in the provision of the very best Early Stage & Scale-Up events in London, the UK and internationally.

With a unique focus on events that always connect Founders with proper investors and not tyre kickers, we’ve grown our franchise to offer 15 events a year. The increasing demand from Corporate sponsors suggests this could increase even more so in the future.

We mainly specialise in pitch events. Fortunately, our vast experience and abilities allow us to occupy a unique position of being able to bring our investor audience to any location in the country or world, through Investor Field Trips.

Our focus is on niche, targeted events, that suit our sponsors. We understand that founders are looking for actionable information rather than the bland, insipid Trade or Monster Conferences, where the speakers revel in just talking about themselves.

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NOTWICS reputation in Early Stage Tech continues to grow, with this year seeing an increasing number of requests to assist in scouting the best Founders whilst fulfilling the needs of both VC funds and Family Offices & Corporations.

Our valuable network enables early access to the very best Founders; something that is becoming increasingly crucial in this very competitive Early Stage Tech space.

NOTWICS have consistently been successful in placing the right founders with the right funds or Corporates. We believe there will be increasing requests to Venture Scout, especially as Funds and Corporates move away from the costly, inefficient & generally low rewards of incubators and accelerators. We are becoming a lot savvier as we seek optimal fund allocation strategies to find the best Early Stage solutions.

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Expert Network

Our Founders’ success is not just achieved by NOTWICS alone. We have developed an extensive network of trusted partners, whose expertise and valuable work we draw upon. These Experts have impressed us over the last 9 years, and when Founders ask us “who is the best for this / who is the best for that” we have finessed a list of the very best experts to provide these answers.

When we consult a Founder, we draw upon the expertise of the “Very Best” to make sure our Founders have the best chance of potential success.

Our Expert partners are “Top People” in the world of technology, law, accounting, digital strategy, tax & research, web design, communication & branding. They all enjoy working with us and helping us achieve the highest level of success with our Founders, with some of these having had very successful careers as Founders themselves.  

Who loves us?

Happy Partners

The NOTWICS consultancy was established in February 2017 & has advised a number of leading, fast-growing start-ups on their Investor Relations activities. All these founders have either met or beaten their objectives in terms of funding & cumulatively, NOTWICS has helped grow some of the best young Technology companies in the UK. The second area of the consultancy, campaign-based initiatives, have also grown, reflecting the business philosophy of focusing exactly what a founder needs, at that time. The ever-growing NOTWICS network is then applied to help these selected Founders achieve their short, medium & long term goals & objectives, via a network effect. The Team has also grown, with the addition of Cameron, who joined us from a successful family office in Cambridge & continues to grow in reach & capabilities. In the last two years, NOTWICS has worked as an in-house advisor to 10 scale-ups and a VC. Furthermore, several early-stage founders are supported via NOTWICS’ events and newsletters

Notwics has been of a great support to our business. Chris tremendously accelerated our fundraise process. We’ve been oversubscribed for our SEIS round within less than 2 months. Chris has a great mind and a big soul, he is very supportive to founders. The collaboration with Notwics has been transparent and very productive. We look forward to the future collaboration with Chris and his team.

Alena Golden BattleMe

Partnering with NOTWICS was a great move; we closed our round faster than expected with the support and advice we receives. Chris offers a much more personal and effective service than what I’ve experienced elsewhere. No nonsense, no messing about – we got straight to the point and very quickly had a small number of high quality conversations, which delivered.

Tom Davenport Talentpool

Chris helped us raise funding, making introductions to Angel investors and VC’s. The process was fast and the meetings were highly qualified. If we raise money again, the first person I’ll call will be Chris.

Gary Danks Machine Advertising

Super impressed with Chris and his knowledge of the ecosystem. He has genuine access to a wide network of Angels and VC’s. Many of which trust him to be their filter. There are a lot of charlatans out there offering Investor Relations for a slice, but I’m very happy to say that my experience has been nothing but positive with NOTWICS so far

Glen Dormieux Playrcart

Within just 6 weeks of presenting at NOTWICS 16, SafeToNet raised over £500k from 15 investors. It was a game-changing moment for our Company. We cannot recommend NOTWICS more highly.

Richard Pursey SafeToNet

Mornings are so much better once I’ve read NOTWICS, tech round up and entertaining “thought for the day”. Chris’s indomitable support for young companies is unparalleled.

Martina King Featurespace

Chris has helped open the doors of many leading, established VC’s & High Net Worth in London & Scandinavia, who invest in FINTECH or CREDIT. He also networked us strongly into the LONDON FINTECH scene very effectively enabling us to meet & get close to LENDINVEST, REVOLUT & others.

Per Elvebakk JAJA Finance

Working with Chris at NOTWICS has been a thoroughly rewarding experience. Chris is one of the best connected people in the start-up/scale-up scene. Having him in your corner makes a real difference.

Alasdair Pettigrew BOXARR

Chris is kind of a big deal. He’s too humble to say that, but it’s true. I’ve enjoyed working alongside him since day 1 and he’s quickly become an invaluable member of the team. Worth his weight in term sheets.

Prask Sutton Wi-5

We have enjoyed working with Chris and the team at NOTWICS very much. He’s a great guy, bags of energy, relentless work ethic, and comes highly recommended. NOTWICS does exactly what it says on the tin – thank you for the positive impact you have had on our business.

Richard Teideman BCD Offshore

NOTWICS 24 – Great to see you and indeed a fun night. Did I mention that your start-up events are very different from all the others which are only full of men of average age over 60?

An angel investor attending the NOTWICS pitch event in London

Just wanted to say thanks for tonight. I thought the event was brilliant – super well run and really nice and engaged attendees. Nice venue too. One of the better “investing/pitching/start up” events I have been to, plus yesterday’s PREP session was genuinely really helpful and very nice to meet some friendly faces (the other start ups) before the fire.

Georgia Stewart Founder

Legend – thanks, Chris. Really appreciate you sending deals my way – they are great quality

Anonymous London based Seed VC

I was tiring of the whole advisory space for start-ups. Then along came Chris & Cam at NOTWICS – who are like a breath of fresh air. Knowledgeable, helpful, experienced and very well connected to the leading players in this space. A cut above the rest

Stefan Chmelik Founder / CEO @ Bioself

NOTWICS understand what VCs are looking for and have astute observations to make about both industry events and early stage businesses. The NOTWICS connections in industry are wide-reaching, and through the update emails they report accurately and unbiasedly on a far larger number of events than an individual VC could reasonably attend. This means that, with their help, we have insight into events we couldn’t attend and are able to maintain a more complete high-level view of the London(/European) VC market.

Seb Wallace Triple Point

What I like is the flexibility; the way in which NOTWICS personally get to know the Angels and push to them opportunities that you know might interest them. Certainly, this is part of the “qualified Deal-Flow” but somehow goes beyond.

Chris Broad Angel Investor (Ex Apple C-Suite)

The daily Notwics newsletter provides me with an incredibly useful way to pick up on key stories and tech matters during the day. In my role as Founder of Tech London Advocates and Global Tech Advocates, I need to be up to speed on a myriad of topics and issues, and Notwics is one of my daily platforms to ensure I am fully informed. It’s concise, clear and carries a bit of Chris’ perspective and edge to what matters.

Russ Shaw Founder of Tech London Advocates

It was an absolute pleasure working with NOTWICS. The pitch event was extremely professional and resulted in multiple individuals investing in our seed round. It was a real breathe of fresh air to work with Chris whose approach to fundraising is second to none. I highly recommend his service to anyone looking to raise investment

Ian Dibb CEO & Founder Once I've Gone

“NOTWICS is that rare breed: an investor introductory service that not only actually introduces you to genuine investors, but stays committed to the start-ups he/it* has backed and sees the process through to the end. The events are great, too! Highly recommended!”

James Flint CEO, Hospify

‘I feel privileged to have met and worked with Chris and the NOTWICS community. Chris is a refreshingly authentic person to work with, with a deep expertise in fundraising and start-ups. The NOTWICS team have a strong network, that has introduced us to ’smart money’ investors that helped us to close our round significantly overfunded. We’ll look forward to NOTWICS consulting us on our next round’

Oscar White CEO and Founder, Beyonk

“Well done for everything you have done for the ecosystem”

David Rees Managing Partner, IZY Capital

The networking was excellent, thoroughly enjoyed talking with the founders!

Chris Hornby Director at Gillamor Stephens
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Anthony has a multicultural background, with his family roots in the UK, but having lived in Mumbai, Brussels, Hong Kong and NYC.

He was drawn into the travel industry and pursued several startups himself, starting at the age of 19, while completing his bachelor degree from New York University.

Anthony has always been drawn to the investment side of the startup equation and started his Angel investing efforts by helping friends get their projects off the ground.

From there Anthony became a Business Angel Investor primarily in travel technology and now invests across several industries.

Anthony is also currently pursuing his Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) level I.


Born and raised in Sydney and now calling London home, James has over 8 years of experience in sales, business development, financial markets, investments and technology.

James started his career in finance, before enjoying a 4.5-year stint running the sales and business development team at Australia’s leading private investment platform, Wholesale Investor. In 2017, James moved to the UK to establish the regional office for a Kiwi SaaS company and has since worked in various roles in the technology sector.

He is passionate about early-stage companies, having made numerous investments across various sectors, as an Angel investor. Outside of work, he enjoys playing and watching all sport (particularly rugby, football, cricket and golf), keeping fit and enjoying London's food and drink scene.

James holds a Bachelor of Economics (Property) and a Master of Finance from the University of Technology, Sydney.


With over 15 years of experience in graphic design, web and digital, Ryan and his team bring the visual design and creativity to NOTWICS and our clients.

Having a strong brand, effective digital presence and alluring investor materials, are critical to the success of any startup seeking funding. Having successfully guided hundreds of businesses along their funding journey, we know what investors are looking for in your brand and visual communications.

We can streamline and modernise your branding, slide deck presentations, marketing materials, website and any other digital assets, which will increase your value and grab the attention of potential investors.


The NOTWICS community is home to thousands of influential tech followers and many more who engage with us regularly via our Morning Newsletters and during our highly-impactful quarterly events. To get involved and be a part of our burgeoning community, complete our application form using one of the buttons below.

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Upcoming Events (Where you can meet Chris)

We are skilled at organizing successful and impactful events. NOTWICS has headlined thematic seminars, technology field trips, and various other events. At all our events, the brands that work with us, be it a scale-up company or an investment fund, enjoy ample publicity and positive brand exposure.