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Let's Get Physical 1 !!

Welcome to the Lets Get Physical Digital Platform, Notwics first Physical / Digital Hybrid event, supported by our wonderful sponsors Fieldhouse Associates, a leading London Technology focused Strategy and PR consultant.

On the evening of the 10th November, we rejoiced in being able to deliver a Physical Pitch event once again after nearly 20 months of being sidelined by the lovely pandemic.

The event was a huge success, with an audience of 50+ investors with a vast majority London’s leading VC’s seeing pitches from 9 excellent founders, from Pre – Seed to Series A, across a variety of verticals.

We also filmed some of these founders pitches and have showcased them on this platform and on both the Notwics & FieldHouse Associates website. Should any of them be of interest, please contact them directly or via

Anonymous Stealth Med-Tech

Are a new, Pre-Seed digital health service which uses conversational AI to improve patient engagement and clinical assessment for chronic disease.

Lifesaver Power

This cleantech B-Corp certified Start-up is on a mission to provide fairer and cleaner products as part of the circular economy to individuals and businesses.

The pocket-size and lightweight power banks have in-built cables, made of recycled plastic and are available online and at sporting and cultural events across the UK, Europe and the US.

At these events, all Lifesaver units are recharged using clean, renewable energy and customers are able to swap a depleted unit for a fully charged one, for free.

With demand for multiple festivals and events in 2022, Lifesaver is doing a seed round to raise money to meet this demand and hire key members to grow.


Kikapay is a market leading payment provider. We offer a direct-from-bank solution to the utilities, charities and retail sector.

KiKa, our platform is more secure, faster and 80% cheaper for the merchant than collecting payments by card. It is also a more secure and easier digital payment journey for the customer too.

With card transaction fees set to rise, increasing fraud from card transactions, direct from bank payments like KiKa is the future.

The UK payments industry is at the forefront of this global change and we are at the forefront in the UK.

Mystery Vibe

MysteryVibe is an award-winning world leader in medical devices for sexual health.

We create FDA-II devices that adapt to the user’s body & deliver targeted vibrations to address big topics like genito-pelvic pain, period pain, arousal disorder & erectile dysfunction – without any medicines, without any side effects.

Our devices have changed the lives of over 50k users in 65 countries.

The Unseen

T H E U N S E E N are a purpose driven beauty brand that applies material science.

We create extraordinary products that reveal to the world what it cannot see for itself to improve lives.

Our ambition is to radically transform the world with our ideas. Founded by Lauren Bowker, material alchemist and quoted by Vogue as “the futuristic chemist changing the face of beauty.”


Trilvee exists to enable people and things to move around cities 2x faster, for half the cost, and in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

We do this by filling the gap between cars and ebikes/scooters using hailable, on demand micro EVs.

These combine the all weather comfort, versatility, and safety of cars with the traffic busting, sustainable benefits of bikes.