F&F Season 6 Episode 1: Ben Clark of Futureworlds

Ben is the Director of the University of Southampton’s Futureworlds, a business that takes the best bits of accelerators / University innovation and Technological excellence, providing opportunities for students at the University to commercialise and scale.

Ben provides an array of opinions on several hot topics:

===>  How the Futureworlds model works and the businesses being created

===> The current situation in the University funding environment

===>  The big picture trends emerging from UK Universities and where government’s need to act

In particular – a big love and section of the podcast is dedicated to Quantum Computing, which is an area of deep interest for both Ben and Anthony, plus a technology that University of Southampton is showing some excellence in.

Not wanting to give too much away, listen on and enjoy the pod !!

If you like the Pod – you can meet Ben @ the Futureworlds event and their cohort at their London Tech Week demo day on the Southbank @ 5pm on 13.6.2023 – Please ping Ben.Clark@soton.ac.uk for a seat.