F&F Season 6 Episode 6: Dominic Vergine of Monumo

In our last ever FOUNDstar and FUNDstar Vod/Pod we talk to Dominic Vergine of leading Electric Motor Scale Up, Monumo. Dominic is a true visionary who heralds from the hotbed of UK Tech, Cambridge and is another legend of the ARM stable of leading Technologists. 

In terms of Monumo, Dominic highlights how he and the team at Monumo are working to:

===> Create a new wave of sustainably designed Electric Motors that reduce the consumption of electricity and help solve the climate crisis.

===> Their Technology is world first and like ARM, they aim to become the IP or platform that the EV designs of the now and future are built upon.

===> The Design industry is evolving across all industries where Electric engines reside and Monumo aims to be at the forefront of a AI and Deep Tech revolution that evolves and replaces the current CAD design.

===> Monumo is one of many AI led businesses that will all be revolutionising and improving design, manufacturing and sustainability in the next ten years

===> Monumo is the current market leader in this space, providing: Simulation, AI/ML and prototyping for potential clients and customers. They aim to complete their engine and launch next year – to a strong pipeline of demand.  They are also currently enacting their Series A round to accelerate this. 

In conclusion:
Dominic is right at the cutting edge of the Deep Tech / AI led revolution in industry and manufacturing design. It’s hard work but fulfilling, as per his Edison quote on innovation, that its: “ninety nine percent perspiration and one percent inspiration”. If you want to connect with Dominic please DM me or him directly on LNKD.