F&F Season 5 Episode 8: Sebastian Peck of Kompas VC

First up for 2023 is our interesting catch – up with leading Amsterdam based Seed and Series A VC – Kompas. In this episode we talk with founding partner, Sebastian Peck, when he’s in transit between meetings in Munich.

Sebastian covers a vast array of topics in this insightful 33 minutes conversation with Anthony and I. Kompas is a leading Digital Transformation / Net Zero focused / Zero Waste Circularity VC. So if you are in these areas – this is an excellent FUNDstars and FOUNDstars episode for you. We speak with Sebastian just before Christmas, when England were still in the World Cup!!

In our wide ranging chat we cover:

===> Sebastian’s thought on the VC environment and current trends for 2023

===> What Kompas is all about – Focus, Style, current activity and the massive challenges they are addressing

===> AI is a strong part of their approach and how their companies / investments interact and collaborate with each other

===> The Nordics and Benelux region lead the way Energy consumption within Building, Listen and learn UK Gov!!

===> They are deploying and have money in the bank !

===> His love of Tom Chi and At One, who they’ve co-invest with

In conclusion,
He’s a very clever man, I learn’t a lot – I hope you find this month’s episode useful.

See you in February where we have a great episode with the fantastic Clement, the founder of leading Fintech, Edda