F&F Season 6 Episode 3: Konrad Bergstrom of X Shore

Konrad in my opinion is the King of Scandi Tech and in this FUNDstar and FOUNDstar episode, he shares his perspectives on scaling amazing consumer businesses, ranging from smart headphones (Marshall Music Co, adidas, Urban Ears) with ZOUND INDUSTRIES INTERNATIONAL AB to more recently creating the “Tesla of the Seas”, X Shore.

In recent years, Konrad continues to focus on B2C “Excellence in Design & Technology” having expanded into the world of Natural Cleantech Chemicals, & in also in developing a leading uncompromised drinks product called ÓGIN Distillery, “the world’s best gin, from handpicked herbs in Finland”, as Konrad opines. Variety is clearly a big spice in his life.

Konrad provides an array of opinions of interest:

On being an Entrepreneur…

===> How to scale business to be Technology market leaders in their respective industries

===> How his success has come from spotting trends ahead of other entrepreneurs and being first to market

===> More weight should be given Wellness, Nature and Family in Entrepreneurship. The are as important as Diversity

On AI…

===> How AI is impacting the Music industry

===> More widely, how the realities of AGI accelerating more widely in 2024 could potentially be a threat to humankind. . “We all need to do small steps together to manage this inevitable change”

===> The 5 senses and the 6th sense is going to be accelerated by AI in his new secret venture

So, listen on here for other amazing insights from Konrad. This episode is a must for any Consumer focused VC or Founder.

Konrad is a true visionary and we eagerly await his next move in the world of AI and sonic mental health… thus making Sound more intelligent for users.