F&F Season 6 Episode 5: Priya Oberoi of Goddess Gaia VC

Priya is an impressive Venture Capitalist, who established Goddess Gaia Ventures <GGV> to assist with Women’s Health and Wellness. She established GGV on the back of personal circumstances and wanted to fix many of the problems facing Female Founders the Healthcare and Wellness industry.

In terms of nuggets:
===> Priya explains what she is looking for in terms of female founders in Healthcare, that are creating impact

===> The founders they have invested in are from a variety of backgrounds and GGV are looking and Priya feels like a proud “Mother Hen” helping her founders grow

===> This is her first of four funds, with a big focus on taking her founders to the US and to crack this market

===> GGV are building relationships with Angel groups / Universities / Founders referencing them are providing great deal-flow

===> They are investing in FemHealth and Sport have made 11 investments so far.. Seed and Series A – where most Health-Techs tend to navigate between

===> On a week of a Superbowl win for the Kansas City Chiefs¬† and Taylor Swift’s impact is used as a good example of leading women focusing on Sport and Health – a big area for GGV

===> The current fundraising environment is the hardest environment to raise in the last 15 years. “Its an incredibly difficult environment”. Priya provides some great pearls on this..

===> AI / Clinical Trials / Cancer Tech / The NHS and other topics are tackled in a wide ranging conversation 

In conclusion:
Priya is top drawer and she is very keen to connect with any founders or VCs that find this session interest DM me or Priya on LNKD.