F&F Season 5 Episode 9: Clement Aglietta of Edda

In this episode we receive great insights into La French Tech, a term widely associated with Mr Macron and his Digital based ascendancy in France.

However, in this episode, it’s from Clement Aglietta, the founder of leading Fintech, Edda, one of the poster-boys (children) of the current French Tech Revolution.

Clement provides some lovely insights on the business, their approach and also waxes lyrical with Chris on the formative days of the great French Tech Conference called “Le Web”, (circa 2010-2013).

This is where Clement got bitten by the Tech bug and it’s the event that Chris still lords as one of the best Tech events he ever attended.

In this episode, Clement talks enthusiastically on:

===> Why Edda has become so successful with limited partners and private investors

===> The tool is like a “Bloomberg for VC” enables users to have seamless management of private investment, data analytics and reporting

===> The American Dream is over – The US is now no longer the automatic place to re-locate your business. You can grow a global champion from anywhere and can now rely on localised funding to do this

===> There are more Americans want to come to live in European cities to build large Technology companies

===> How Paris is exploding as a Technology powerhouse in terms in Capital, Innovation and Government support

Listen on for more !!!

In summation,
He’s a very impressive founder and the world is Edda’s oyster in a private market, that is currently bigger than the Public market.

Next up, in late March is…Robin Roehm, the founder of leading AI scale, Apheris, who tunes in from Berlin