Meet Me VC March 2021

Welcome to the first instalment of Meet Me VC brought to you by NOTWICS and sponsored by leading Tech PR Firm, Fieldhouse Associates; R&D Tax Credit Lenders, Walmer Group; and fast-growing digital publication, Maddyness UK.

This month we have 6 exciting Investment Firms including VCs: AlbionVC, Concentric, and Form Ventures; as well as Family offices: FMV Capital Management, Lyall Ventures, and Wharton Asset Management.

If you want to get in touch with the sponsors or participants for any reason, please contact them via the buttons below each video, and thank you for joining us!


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Paul and Jessica are two rising stars who join us to explain all about the well-known firm, AlbionVC. Created over 25 years ago, they have a long-term record with around £600 million under investment management or administration. You will have heard of some of their portfolio companies, not least!

Focusing on Series A, their main focuses are B2B Software, including AI, Enterprise Stack Cybersecurity and Digital Health. They are on the lookout for companies with £1 Million ARR and growth rates in the triple digits.

If you’re interested in pitching, please email them at


Kjartan Rist pitches Concentric, a European Activist Venture Fund. They like to roll up their sleeves and get involved in an “active” way. Kjartan has spent 20 years in the VC world and originally set up the fund in 2013.

They like to get involved post-seed, post-product, and post-revenue. Looking across Europe, they focus on software, solving real problems, and traditional sectors. Kjartan is also in the exciting process of raising a second Venture Fund.

Kjartan has a keen eye for what makes an exceptional founder, so watch on and get in touch via the button below!


Jenson Brook joins us to tell us all about the newly minted Walmer Group. They specialise in grants, R&D tax credits, and R&D financing. They are a strong team ranging from Ex-HRMC Tax Inspectors all they way through to software developers.

Their team has claimed back over £30 Million over the years, creating many happy clients!

If you’d like to enquire on behalf of any business, please use the button below


Bobby Conole-Verma runs the UK based investment office FMV Capital Management. They have a broad focus across a full range of investments, not limited to liquids, illiquids, collectables, passion plays, and direct tech investments.

Capable of transacting from Seed to Series C, FMV has invested in a variety of companies that have exited, giving them an understanding of the full cycle.

They are currently looking for Fintech and Prop-tech startups, especially early-stage. Clearly a valuable partner to have, if you’d like to get in touch with Bobby, please use the button below.


Leo Ringer of Form Ventures joins us to tell us about what he and his cofounder Patrick Newton have accomplished to date, plus the new fund they are currently raising.

Form Ventures has a unique angle and value-add, in that their main focus is on policy and regulatory framework that applies to startups, and how their expertise can be leant to create additional value.

They have found that Outsized VC returns in the UK are more frequently found in markets exposed to regulation, creating valuable opportunities for their portfolio companies.

If you want to pitch to Leo and Patrick, or perhaps even inquire about their new fund among other things, you can email them at and connect via the button below!


Our very own Anthony Lyall joins us with his other hat on to tell us about his family office, Lyall Ventures, founded in 2018. They invest in UK, early-stage, high growth technology startups.

Usually a co-investor in rounds, Lyall Ventures has had a busy few years, and we’re proud of the NOTWICS Alumni in their portfolio – they’re off to a promising start!

If you would like to pitch to Anthony and you think your startup “tick all the boxes” you can reach out to him on Linkedin via the below button, or email him.


Eva Tarasova tells us all about Wharton Asset Management, a single family office establish in London in 1992. They invest in Capital Markets, Global Real Estate, Private Equity and Venture Capital transactions; however, in the last decade, WAM has heavily focused on PE and VC opportunities.

WAM prides itself on its quick decision making dynamic and being an agile investor with no target return, no “stagnant tick-box approach” and they prefer to consider each opportunity on its own individual merits.

They are especially interested in Life Sciences and Biotech along with Deep Tech, but are happy to look at a range of sectors, model and geographies.

If you’d like to get in touch with Eva and WAM, please connect via the button below