Season 2 Episode 4 – Cordelia Of Fieldhouse Associates

Cordelia Meacher is a “tour de force” in the world of Technology PR and Strategy and a true FOUNDstar, having created Fieldhouse Associates 9 years ago and driving it to become one of the leading UK agencies in the world of private Technology.

Through Cordelia’s stewardship and capabilities, Fieldhouse now lists many of the UK and Europe’s leading VC’s as clients, as well as some of the “up and coming” Technology companies, at the forefront of the digital revolution.

Her passion for Technology is un-matched and in this 45 minute deep dive we cover a diverse range of topics including:

===> The Future of Work and her desire/balanced approach to getting the team back into the HQ in Covent Garden
===> The value of proper PR in helping Tech companies grow: launch, execute funding rounds, build teams and help with product growth
===> The understanding Fieldhouse have of the investment world, by working with VCs and helping them position themselves well
===> Their excitement that exists around the speed of Tech adoption moving forward into 2021
===> The Future of Events (Virtual, Livestreaming and Physical) and how Fieldhouse believe these could pan out in 2021
===> How Fieldhouse decides about businesses to work with & they choose !
===> Queen CM’s Top tips for building a business
A Spoiler alert – this was filmed back on the day when PM Boris Johnson presented his view for the future post lockdown

The Quotes of the Episode:
“Founders you should be able to tell people what you do in 2 minutes, in language that your granny can understand” or speak plainly as “if you are in the pub and telling people about what you do, when you use language that make it easy to understand… avoid mind boggling jargon, as no one really understands it, even if they pretend to”.

Fun episode ..from a true FOUNDstar …