Season 2 Episode 3 – George O’connor Of Stifel Nicolaus

George O’Connor, from Stifel Nicolaus, is a legendary figure from the world of UK Technology, being a leading UK sell-side analyst covering public Technology companies for many decades.

George has been through the highs and lows of the internet bubble (bursting), the financial crisis and in this episode talks about the new renaissance of UK Technology companies, looking to IPO in the UK in 2021 (Deliveroo, Darktrace, Revolut and many more).

George has a “Highlander” type status amongst his peers (including Chris).. as he is the “last man standing” from the golden era of UK Technology stockbroking where brokers can actually provide seasoned, factually backed, opinionated (dashed with amusement) analysis to institutional investors.

In this episode, George highlights a number of gems and advice for both founders and investors alike.

These key areas are delved into by this leading FUNDstar:

===> The Broker’s Creed
===> The impact of Covid-19 on UK Technology stocks (a dip and then recovery)
===> Critiquing the MEATY Khalifa review on Fintech – which had just come out and had been published at the time of the recording (February 2021)
===> How the Public Tech markets in the US especially, could be bubbling over
===> The meaning and value of SPACs for now and the future
===> Country living and Boats

Quote of the Episode.
“London does small Tech really, really well and London investors are far happier to put up with the bumps in the road of small, public Technology companies. There are a community of Institutional investors that get Tech and support accordingly, perhaps more encouragingly than their US peers”.

So, in conclusion, George argues that there are very strong reasons to list and grow from the UK, following in the footsteps of Sage and others, so if you want to find out why.. please listen on here