F&F Season 5 Episode 6: Peter Finnie of Potter Clarkson

After autumn impasse, we return with our winter series of interesting Podcasts, with a number of leading lights in the UK Tech industry.

First up is Peter Finnie, a leading Tech Patents lawyer in the UK who shows us that lawyers are fun, good to talk too and so knowledgeable for Founders and VCs alike. Remember the top one’s cover both!

Peter deep dives and offers some great pearls of advice such as:

===> How to manage Patents/IP in 2023 and current state of regulation in the UK on patents (which ain’t good)

===> How 90% of value in Technology created is in the IP. ie: Google bought YouTube purely because of the brand

===> The trends in the Tech market and how Potter Clarkson are still supporting Start-Ups and Scale-Up in these tough times. Plus, how you can meet them

Listen on and enjoy for more