F&F Season 5 Episode 4: Evie Mulberry – Astia VC

Fittingly, I write this summary of a great Vod/podcast, with a leading lady of the UK VC scene, England’s women have just scored their first goal against Austria !!

This episode focuses on Evie Mulberry, the Managing Partner of Astia VC, a leading San Francisco based VC, who has recently returned to the UK to build the UK/EU footprint of the fund.

Evie highlights how Astia was built by the super impressive Sharon Vosmek, one of three founders who established the pillars and principles of Astia, 20 years ago, when there was a dearth of female focused VCs in the US.

Sharon brought Evie into the business, when she re-located from the UK, to the West Coast in 2008. Now Evie is back in full effect, based in the South West of England and is successfully building out Astia’s UK and EU ecosystem.

Evie talks in detail in the Vod/Pod about::
===> How Astia are Female first and only invest in Technology businesses that have female leaders or Women in executive roles
===> Astia remain concerned about the “woefully low investment” into Female led Technology businesses. Its not Female Founders that need to change, it’s the VC industry
===> Astia are inclusive and don’t believe in the “soft intro”, preferring founders to apply through their “Expert Sift” process, which aims to eliminate bias in their search process for founders

In conclusion, this success is being scaled by the conversion of this “Expert Sift” process into a Technology platform, which fairly recommends the best founders for Astia to invest in, at scale.

It’s a great chat, with a great lady trying to change the world of VC, according to men!!