F&F Season 5 Episode 3: Harriet Rosethorn – Puma PE

Harriet Rosethorn is second up in our summer series on leading women in VC and Technology.

We speak to Harriet in March 2022 and she takes great time to firstly explain that Puma has nothing whatsoever to do with the German Sport apparel brand !!!

She, in fact, joined London based Puma PE, 4 years ago as an investment manager. They are a leading Series A investor in UK and do look at some European Technology names, if they plan to expand in the UK.

Puma’s ticket size is between £2m -£10m and Puma look to support a founder’s transition to reach / beat the KPIs needed to get to Series B.

We cover a wide array of topics in our 35 minute chat:
On new business:
===> We discuss how Puma are one of a number of very active funds at the Series A stage currently, taking advantage of market conditions and  lower competition for the best founders
===> By being active – they aim to fund the better businesses, at a better prices and potentially get more ownership than they would have 6 months ago
We also discuss the portfolio in depth:
===> Covering a wide array of topics and businesses, from very successful investment in an End of Life business Pure Cremations to the in-outs of nano, micro and nano (not nemo) influencer marketing, via her work with Influencer
More generally:
===> Harriet provides some very good tips on hiring and how Puma interacts with their founders on how to hire top talent.

In conclusion:
Harriet speaks passionately about the Puma portfolio of companies and shows a commitment & expertise that many founders should look to have from their investors, as times potentially become tougher, in the remainder of 2022