F&F Season 4 Episode 9 – Rich Potter – Peak

Rich is the CEO and Co-Founder of Peak, one of the up and coming Deep Tech rock stars of the UK Tech scene and one of Manchester’s finest Technology companies.

===> Peak are a Decision Intelligence leader, which in its most basic definition is technology that uses AI and Cognitive Intelligence to make consistently strong Data led decisions for large complex organisations.

===> This has proved to be very successful and has seen growing adoption at leading  Retailers like Superdry and AO.Com, CPGs like KFC and also some leading UK & Global PLC manufacturing companies too!!

===> Peak’s approach is optimised in product companies, where the Peak Data Engine “CODI” can perform various data led outcomes such as: creating greater demand for their products, enabling better customer targeting, applying solutions to run leaner, as well as improving the all important ESG and impact goals of an organisation.

===> Peak enables companies to stop “HOPING” and using AI to “DOING”!

===> Rich talks about his driving motivations around growing 200+ global team, refining the business culture, the power of delegation, how leaders should always maintain customer interaction and how they are becoming one of  the biggest commercial AI companies in the UK and if Europe, even with Decision Intelligence as an industry still being in its infancy in 2022.

===> He also touches on the psychology of fundraising and provides some great tips to navigate Seed, Series A, Series B and have integrity  ! A Nasdaq listing is mentioned and this is clearly one of Stephen Kelly’s “Soon To Be Corns” a la “Rising Star” status.

===> So, all in all, Peak were not a bad spot from Notwics when visiting Manchester in 2015 !!!