F&F Season 4 Episode 8 – Adrian Lloyd – Episode 1

Adrian is a Founding Partner of Episode 1, one the leading and most successful UK VC funds of recent years, establishing the fund in 2013, when the UK VC scene started to move in earnest.

Adrian provides some great insight into about his journey, from studying Mandarin, to consultancy and then his time at Stanford University, where he decided that he really wanted to be an investor.

So upon returning to London .. Adrian, Damien Lane and Dr Simon Murdoch decided to go for it and launch their first fund at Episode 1, with the support of the British Business Bank.

Roll the clock forward to this week, where they received the proud accolade of being voted one of the top 20 VC’s in Europe by Landscape .. a pure survey based on Founder feedback.

Adrian covers many areas in his 30 minutes ..especially the data magic data that Episode 1 utilises for their B2B Deep Tech / AI / Software Infrastructure and Marketplace investments.

This has led to successful seed stage investments in the last decade in many now household names, including: Betfair, Natural Motion (bought by Zynga), Zoopla and Carwow!!!

More recently. these hotties have appeared, in the stable … Sano Genetics, Supercede and Omipresent who successfully raised their $120m Series B this week.

No doubt these names and others they decide to back will flourish as well… so listen on here as to why..