F&F Season 4 Episode 5 – Suranga Chandratillake of Balderton Capital

Suranga Chandratillake,  is a General Partner at Balderton Capital, in London and well regarded as a leading legend in the world of UK and European VC.

So, it was great to spend time recently with one of the biggest players in the world of late stage private Tech, especially as we draw to the close of 2021, being a record year of UK Tech exits and IPO’s.

Prior to Balderton, Suranga led one of the UK Technology winners of the noughties, Blinkx. Like all great Technology players, it certainly had some ups and downs as both a private and then public Technology business. This experience was pretty formative in developing a number of the approaches Suranga applies in his role as a VC.

In this episode we discuss:
# Balderton and what his role and day as a General Partner in a top VC fund looks like
# Balderton’s approach to funds, founders, opportunities and their different funds, including their new £600m Early Stage fund
# How the UK can continue to evolve its capabilities to home, fund and support global Technology businesses in future, to rival the US
# The proliferation of digitisation into everything now and even more-so in the future
# The Metaverse, as everyone’s talking about it and trying to work out where to place their bets

This is just a taster, so please listen and watch on, in this fascinating episode with a real leader in the world of UK late stage private Tech investing.

Enjoy and see you in 2022.