F&F Season 4 Episode 10: Paul Landau – Careology

Paul decided to build Careology when personal circumstances highlighted how there are very few, real-time technology solutions to help people manage the treatment process and support processes around cancer, for the: person, care-giver and the clinical team.

Three years later, it appears to be going well and Paul, an experienced entrepreneur shares his thoughts on the many challenges of the journey, on this inspiring FUNDstar and FOUNDstar Vod/Podcast episode. These include:

===> How to build the Tech: the App, the Software, the SaaS and how to sell the software licence to providers and help them blend physical & digital, to improve the provider <> patient experience

===> Building traction and business development, where doing smart pilots right really matter and do lead to full rollouts with leading partners, in the clinical healthcare, in the case of Careology. Big companies need to embrace digital and are post Covid. This blend is here to stay in Healthcare

===> The Digital Cancer space is wide open and the TAM of 20m people a year are diagnosed with cancer, makes Careology a particularly attractive opportunity to support

===> The hiring process and how to assemble people that challenge founders

Net/net, Careology is an impressive Health-Tech that is really gaining traction, entering its growth phase and looking towards investors for further support.