Season 3 Episode 9 – Ronan Finnegan of Spacebands

Bristol based, Spacebands is one of the few early stage Covid-19 / Tech businesses that Notwics have seen successfully navigate and grow commercially through the Pandemic,

This has been the result of their product helping Corporations successfully manage the problem of Social Distancing, through a relatively simple, hardware approach.

The Spacebands wrist device notifies users when they are too close to another user. Sounds simple, but it’s very effective and as is often the case with Technology, simplicity sells.

Today, Spacebands co-founder Ronan Finnegan, takes time out of their somewhat 200 M.P.H days to tell us more about the business here, touching on:

# Life as a serial entrepreneur at a wise old age of 26 and Spacebands being the latest of many successful ventures, with exits for the others when the passion has fizzled
# How Spacebands has found a perfect home with key Food Producers, manufacturers, TV producers and industrial businesses around the world, that are key businesses and need to stay open and producing during the pandemic
# The product has longevity to tackle the next wave of difficulties of workplace safety, not just the consequence of Covid-19
# Despite being relatively simple software, they are one of the few Health-Tech players that have seen some great success with the NHS, but Ronan is keen to stress it’s just one of their customers !
# How scaling is moving from a 2 man flat to a workspace for 5 people in Bristol @ the excellent Set-squared
# Awards means scaling, as shown by their recent accolade of being named as one of the top 5 innovative businesses in Bristol !

So in conclusion ..
It’s an impressive journey¬† and should Spacebands tickle your fancy then find out more HERE and also if you want to support them – they are currently Crowdfunding on Crowdcube HERE