Season 3 Episode 6 – Carmen Rico, One of Europe’s leading VCs

We have the pleasure of spending time with one of the leading and most successful investors in the UK and European Seed stage today, on the “FOUNDstars and FUNDstars” VodPod.

Carmen calls us from Madrid (despite being London based) to focus in on several interesting and important aspects of her life as venture capitalist.  She speaks at length about the experiences that have helped her become better at her role, which helped her spot, at Seed Stage, Hopin – the undoubtable Unicorn star of the UK Covid-19  scene.

Carmen really is a real “FUNDstar”, and we dig deep into :
# The life of a VC and the connectivity tools needed to get the job done real-time

# How the modern day journey of a VC can entail a number of roles to learn and perfect your trade, from her experience in Finance, Founding her own Start-Up and working for a number of leading VC’s

# What she looks for in a founder and how this led to her discovering the poster Unicorn of Covid-19 UK tech,  Jonny Boufourat of Hopin, when he was raising his initial £150k Seed round !

# Top tips for Founders when reaching out to leading VC’s, with showing passion at the top of this list

# Her approach to inclusivity, epitomised by her work opening the ecosystem with Kieran Hill and the Debut Sessions and Eamon Carey with The Fund

# The current market trends for investment at Pre-Seed and Seed where the volume and quality of dealflow in Europe is at all-time highs

# As we start to move towards a return to physical events in autumnal London – how Tech events in the near future could soon become a hybrid of on-line and in-person, with the technology being created very much more interactive

.. So watch this space!!!