Season 3 Episode 4 – David Wood of The London Futurists

In today’s episode we delve into the future and hear the amazing pearls of wisdom, of what may or may not happen in the world of Technology, from one of authorities on this area, David Wood of The London Futurists.

David’s business is very much in demand, with the pandemic  sparking a mix-shift towards more Corporations (not just Tech) and individuals allocating greater resource and time towards planning for the impact of future digital and technology solutions.

Futurism is now taken seriously, rather than be seen to be a gimmick 20 years ago, when David starting meeting other Futurists in the basement cafe of Waterstones in Piccadilly!

Anthony and I caught up with David in Mid April 2021. During our one hour conversation, David provides his thoughts on the following:

On a positive note:
# The advances of Neural technology were applauded and how embedding wireless chipsets into a brain to eradicate human paralysis could become a reality, in the next two years
# The possibilities that convergence could potentially drive the emergence of new, stronger AI technologies in the future, with chipsets emerging now to enable this
# The massive potential impact of Quantum Cloud computing, with hugely  disruptive elements. However the jury remains out on when this will commercialise?
# Quantum algorithms will eventually revolutionise Chemistry, Drug Discovery, Materials and nano-technology
On a worrying note:
# The point of singularity could be as early as 2030, or as late as 2045
# Terminators with Super intelligence could eventually dominate the Human race, though not in the form of robots as in the movies, but as either bots and Cyber-infections that will prey upon and exploit the vulnerabilities in software we use every day, via shared infrastructures
# The emergence of Super AI that will know each of our own individual AI “hot buttons” to press for good or bad !
# The disappointment around Glass and how touchless technology has been much slower to evolve as a commercial application, than London futurist predictions around this in 2008

In conclusion,
There are in fact,  many, many more sensible crystal ball moments from David so please listen or watch.  If you enjoy, we highly recommend joining The London Futurists by connecting with David HERE or reading his latest book .. “Predictions and Foresight, Good, Bad and Vital”.