Season 3 Episode 2 – Jonny Fry of Team Blockchain

Jonny (that’s Jonny with no “H” Chris),  is a real character and one of the most likeable rogues in Blockchain. Think of a recipe consisting of Oliver Twist’s the Artful Dodger meets John McCririck, of Horse-racing commentary par excellence, sprinkled with Crypto-currency ingredients……then you get the general picture.

But joking aside (and the extremely smug mugshot), Jonny is one of the few people Notwics have met and i’m counting in the 1000’s that actually make Blockchain Technology : simple, understandable and commercial.

Chris, in fact admits that he spent many years driving in the dark at Bloomberg, until Jonny came along and shone a light at the pearly gates of Blockchain. In-between verbally abusing Chris on this episode, Jonny kindly expands his opinions on:

# Blockchain (funnily enough) and what it enables, the key trends and drivers, with some “here and now” really interesting real life  commercial successes and anecdotes such as “blockchain is basically an excel spreadsheet on steroids”
# Blockchain mass adoption in the next 18 months, ironically led by governments and regulatory bodies to improve compliance and security (who for many years thought it was Voodoo !!)
# Blockchain is also a strong driver of better ESG & Sustainability in the world
# The Madness of the current Financial world and how we are due a major financial correction in the next 6 months & Chris’s pet love “OIT – Oldies In Tech”
# And many, many more marmite and points – so listen or watch here

Should you enjoy this, we highly recommend joining Jonny’s massive global by following his thought leadership has through his blog Digital Bytes and listening to his Blockchain Radio show. (DM us for more)…