Season 3 Episode 10 – George Mensah of ACF Investors

George calls in from an office, well a dance studio in Manchester, his office for the day, on this particular.  He’s a good egg and straight-talking Northern lad, from Manchester who holds the keys to open the door for founders who are interested in catching the eyes and ears of ACF investors.

ACF, were previously known as AngelCoFund, but re-branded in early 2021. The fund is a hugely successful Seed investor, in fact becoming one of the leading names in the UK, which has benefitted by an investment approach of co – investing alongside sector specialist angels, with domain knowledge of the businesses that interest ACF.

Not to give too much away from the Podcast/Vodcast, but their secret recipe has been hugely successful – with one of their recent  investments, Gousto becoming a unicorn and household name already in the UK.

Other FUNDstar gems from the diamond that is George:
On the sectors – Hyper interested in:
# Founders wanting to disrupt the Financial Capital Markets
# Founders from the Creator Economy, creating smart tools and software, particularly in the gaming space
# Founders continuing to build the Future of Food is emerging with the D2C servant economy, including technology that helps re-purpose of under-utilised Food spaces, in the post-pandemic world

On the geographical angle –
# The majority of their investments are in London and the South East
# But in the last 18 months interest and activity in the regions has grown
# Northern Ireland is a particularly hot area with ACF making 3 investments here

On new Technologies – George hones in on
# NFTs – where he believes this technology has massive value in valuing value !!
# SPACS and Electrification / Hydrogen comes into the discussion too

…Plus several other excellent tips to help founders succeed ..  so listen or watch on