Season 1 Episode 8 – Alasdair Scott of Staark

My memories of Alasdair go back many years and he is an individual who views life as a learning curve, in which technology has featured strongly.

These life skills and understanding feature heavily in this episode, where Alasdair provides some grey hair, well actually purple haired wisdom, for any founders that want to build a successful business.

His latest business, Staark, is a business born out of frustration from his middle aged mind and body not being able to find the most perfectly fitting, stylish and cool cyclo-wear or Velo-couture, for simply riding a race bike.

Sick of resembling the Michelin man, whenever adorning the lycra, Alasdair and some friends from the eccentric and eclectic Groucho Club decided to fix this with technology to create the perfect fit clothing for cyclists.

Roll into this sustainable eco – friendly designs and big plans for the materials to seamlessly talk to devices in the onset of 5G, this is has created an exciting cocktail for the future of cycling, which Staark plans to be central to.

With Covid prompting more and more people to cycle, to work or for leisure and fitness.. its certainly an exciting time to grow a clever Cycling-Tech business.

Here’s Alasdair to tell you more about the 1G for Staark and their plans, where the founders are successfully gaining support from the public on Crowdcube currently… HERE