Season 1 Episode 4 – Kjartan Rist of Concentric Vc

Kjartan calls in from his Summerhouse in the wilds of Denmark, where we caught up with him on a Friday afternoon in late January. Naturally, Kjartan, or the “the white-haired wizard” of VC, was full of new year optimism, emphasising clearly on this Vodcast, that now more than ever is the best time to take the plunge and build a Tech company.

He touches upon how he and his partner Dennis built Concentric, like to invest in software that solves real problems in traditional industries. A focus of “Need to have, rather than nice to have”.

Speaking about 2021, Kjartan identifies and opens up on many key trends, ambitions and opportunities that exist in the real world for digitalisation. He also provides some great tips for Founders on what Concentric is looking for and how they work with Founding teams, whilst also demystifying the role of the Venture Capitalist and how it differs from the glamourous image provided by the press.

With Kjartan being a keen Liverpool fan, we can’t help but shoot the breeze on football too!

Net/net – it’s a really insightful 49 minutes, from a leading VC in the Early Stage European Technology scene and we apologise in advance for the slight bit of feedback in parts on this Vodcast.