Season 1 Episode 3 – Prask Sutton of Wi5

We chat to the wonderful Prask, by his fire, in his very cold, 800 years old, horsehair house in the wilds of the Sussex countryside, where Prask has hunkered down with his lovely family and continued to lead and grow his super Scale-Up, Wi5 during the pandemic.

Prask is an excellent founder who has grown his business to become a significant Scale-Up in the mobile payments “order and pay” space in the last 4 years, snagging some great SME clients like Pizza Pilgrims, the ETM group and many more, in this growth. 2021 represents a year of further opportunities in the US and Europe too !

Prask also talks to us about how you have to have brutal focus, especially when providing solutions to the SME space (like the dog and duck!). On his tips, he talks about: leadership, culture, managing a team remotely, all caveated around growing a data-focused business where the pandemic has revolutionised and accelerated acceptance of the Wi5 offering.

It very much is a UK Tech name to watch and tipped by NOTWICS to be on the pathway to significant success in the next 3 years !

Apologies in advance – for the commercial clang for Cubitt’s Spectacles – even-though they are my favourite bins or rims!