Season 1 Episode 2 – Richard Pursey of Safetonet

Richard is one of NOTWICS most revered and favourite founders, a classic entrepreneur and leading businessman, which has seen SafeToNet power into the top 20 AI Scale-Ups in the UK. Richard clearly shows his passion and energy about setting up SafeToNet and the strong social purpose he feels about protecting Children-on-line.

One of the world’s biggest problems is wanting to be liked online and ascertaining as many likes as possible! Parental Controls are not the solution but a more holistic approach, provided by the behavioural analytics / Deep-Tech contextualised approach that SafeToNet offers, is. Hear more about how they do this in this fascinating overview !!

We also discuss how the Pandemic has accelerated the need for their application’s agnostic offering & the strong adoption and successes, of one of the leading AI Scale-Ups in the UK.

Richard also distils a few gems on raising money and the need not to do investment rounds, taking every meeting, managing exuberance, managing Alexa and the Connected Home, digging holes and refilling them, Chelsea Football Club and finally his new found love of facial hair.

A really great deep-dive!!