Season 1 Episode 1 – Kathy Gromotka of Downing

Kathy talks about Bloomberg, her time at Microsoft, and her employer Downing Ventures, where she is fast becoming one of the up and coming stars of the UK VC scene. In this episode, we touch on many interesting areas such as:

How does Downing work / Invest / interact with Founders/verticals and current focus… it’s a big Kahuna 76 investments and 140 people fund, looking at 5 companies a day. The differences between US funds and how they work and UK Funds – amusingly how one worries about investment going to zero and the others not

2020 – and Covid has proved it’s all about product-market fit. Is you are right – you’ll still be getting in front of people and getting business, albeit at a slower timeline. ESG, Women in Tech and Diversity are all dear to Kathy’s heart – irrespective of being en vogue. She’s a good egg who loves her Job and hangs out with VC’s on Saturdays, but is a keen Long boarder

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