F&F Season 5 Episode 2: Phoebe Arkell – Supernode Global VC

Phoebe Arkell is first up in our summer series on leading women in VC and Technology. Phoebe is certainly one of the up and coming VCs who successful navigated a career in consulting to follow her dream of becoming a VC.

She joined London based, Supernode Global, just before the pandemic and quickly found their focus on investing at the seed stage in digital content, was perfectly suited to this time.

Supernode focuses specifically on platforms and tools focused on these verticals: gaming, animation, sport, education, analytics, ad-tech, music and now the all important metaverse!

Some pearlers from Phoebe and Founders in particular take note:
===> Supernode invest globally, as per the name, in Seed rounds of £1m – £2m
===> It’s all about execution in these content driven verticals and that’s what captures their eye
===> How they add proper value and not just money for founders – mentorship, offsites, founder circles are offered to all and are true to their word
===> Culture is key for them as a fund and the community they’ve built
===> Chemistry is central for any 10 year journey for Phoebe and the founders Supernode invest in

Phoebe is a polite, thoughtful and kind lady who was a delight to talk to and a bit of a breath of fresh air for founders looking for the friendly face of VC, especially in these turbulent times  !