F&F Season 5 Episode 1: Jatin Ondhia – Shojin Property Partners

Jatin Ondhia is an inspirational leader who set up Shojin Property Partners in 2009 and has navigated the pandemic to grow a successful, scaling Property Technology business.

Jatin originally saw the value of investing in property, whilst working as a banker at UBS for 12 years. From its onset, Shojin was like an angel club, which has evolved into an online regulated Technology platform, democratising ownership and access to capital into middle market residential property (£10m-£60m) and the upside this investment can bring.

Online Real Estate investment is projected to grow from $15bn in 2022, to $800bn by 2027. Developers welcome Shojin as a complementary way of helping them successful fund projects now and in the future.

In this FUNDstar and FOUNDstar Vod/Podcast episode, Jatin shares these pearls:

===> Be nimble and careful in balancing the interests of investors and developers in Property Technology and strategy
===> Asia is a great opportunity for funding Property Tech. There is an abundance of great investors there, that understand Tech and property
===> They are razor focused on strategic investors, and like to have as many private investors as possible, as they become brand ambassadors
===> Profit is not a bad thing in the current climate and Shojin has been profitable for the last two years
===> The role of a CEO is problem solving and is super stressful !

Net/net, Shojin is a clever Prop-Tech play, built on successful alignment of funding, growth and profit that is in a sweet spot to grow extremely successfully in the next five years and spread the wealth to many.