Season 3 Episode 7 – Jackie Fast of Sandbox Studios

We love Jackie as a straight talking, go getting, no holds barred type of VC investor- a real tour de force  and this 40 minute pod shows you just why she is destined to become even more successful with her latest venture, Sandbox Studios.

Jackie provides great insight and wisdom, whilst explaining more about Sandbox and how they plan to invest globally, from the Los Angeles base.

Being in LA – Sandbox helps align Jackie’s past in the world of sponsorship agencies (where she successfully exited her first business for £multi million exit). They combine their agency expertise on one side of the business, by matching these celebrities with pre-seed, brand led VC investments.

So Jackie speaks with authority having been both a founder and investor on these areas…

1/ Current D2C Trends in brand and consumer preferences
2/ A focus on stuff that ships well – especially in the US (that Anthony knows called: Babe Rose, White Girl Wasted, Dr Dre & Beats are some of the names discussed
3/ The difficulty in raising a fund for the first time and trying to raise for what is a next generation fund…combining an agency/brand/celebrity and fund
4/ Some great tips for founders – that you should dig in and put in the work
5/ Don’t believe the hype of being a co-founder, being a sole founder is great, especially when you exit
6/ The collaborative nature of VC – which has surprised Jackie
7/ The increasing influence of NFT’s on the brand space
8/ Her tip to buy Polka Dot – if dabbling in Crypto-currency

We also skirted around her time in The Apprentice – but Jackie actually offered to talk about with some very amusing perspectives on the show.  Jackie was one of the greatest students of Sir Alan not to be hired, in our opinion.

However that firing has fired her onto bigger things, including her latest book on leadership called Rule Breaker..

A super watch and listen…